Digital Marketing Course v/s Diploma v/s Degree

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A career in digital marketing can take a person anywhere in the world. It is a widely accepted career that is growing every day. Initially, there were only a few fields that people thought could be high-paying, like doctors, engineers, pursuing an MBA, etc.

but even doing short-term courses in digital marketing, or pursuing a diploma or a degree in digital marketing, can help you earn a lot of money.

However, there is a difference between a digital marketing degree, course, and a diploma. Keep reading this article to learn more about this difference.

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Doing a course in digital marketing:

A course in digital marketing can lead you to get a certificate in that, thus helping you get jobs in the field. One can do short-term courses in digital marketing after 10th or even after 12th.

One can even do long-term digital marketing courses to get knowledge in the field. There are a lot of platforms providing these short-term and long-term courses.

Doing a diploma in digital marketing:

A Diploma in Digital Marketing is a good idea as it has good market value, so the return is amazing.

One can get a professional digital marketing diploma from an institution after completing 12th grade. It equips people doing diplomas with the key concepts and fundamentals of the topic.

While it takes more time from a student than doing a short-term course, it has more value. There are a lot of jobs available after completing a diploma in this field.

Therefore, you are going to get good returns considering you will put in the hard work and dedication.

Doing a degree in digital marketing:

Now, choosing to pursue a degree in digital marketing is an amazing idea. It is a field that has a lot of opportunities, so high-paying jobs are a guarantee. There is usually a 4-year bachelor’s degree for digital marketing, and one is supposed to pursue it by going to the institution in person.

A marketing degree provides a well-rounded education that teaches marketing principles, business communication skills, and digital marketing strategies and other important skills for success.

Students first develop a theoretical understanding of the subject and are then allowed to practice it practically. Practical knowledge is very important in this field.

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Difference between a Digital Marketing Course v/s Diploma v/s Degree?

The key differences are on the basis of time, costs, and returns:

Difference betweenTimeFeeWhen to Do
Course in Digital Marketing2 months (avg)30000 to 70000  in INRShort-term & best for starting a career
Diploma in Digital Marketing6 months to 1 year years1,50,000- 3,00,000 INRRecommended if you have time to invest
Degree in Digital Marketing3 years300000 – 600000 INRSome MNCs demand a degree in digital marketing

Digital marketing course, diploma, or degree which is best for a career?

While courses do not take much of your time, are free, or cost a minimal amount, diplomas are more time-consuming and charge a fee. On the other hand, a degree usually takes 2-3 years and has a proper fee.

Deciding if one wants to go for a course, a diploma, or a degree comes with a lot of thought put into it. One needs to consider all the factors, like availability of time, costs, skills one wants to acquire, etc.

Doing a diploma is a better way as it gives the best of both worlds a course and a degree. As in, it gives both better returns than a course and is less time-consuming than a degree.

Nevertheless, whatever one chooses to pursue, the field is a great one, so success is a guarantee if one puts in the hard work. Rest assured, digital marketing is an amazing field with the best returns.

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