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In the current digital era, mobile applications have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. Android, being one of the most widely used mobile operating systems, provides an excellent platform for developers to create innovative applications. Infonictraining presents a comprehensive Android app development training in Jaipur, designed to equip you with the necessary skills to excel as an Android developer.

Our Android app design course in Jaipur is structured to provide you with the knowledge and expertise needed to develop top-notch Android mobile applications. The curriculum encompasses Android SDK, Java/Kotlin programming languages, UI design, data storage, testing, and deployment. Under the guidance of industry experts, you will learn Android app building in Jaipur through hands-on projects and assignments.

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    Why Choose Android Development?

    • High demand for Android developers: The market currently faces a shortage of skilled Android developers. By learning Android development, you can tap into numerous career opportunities.
    • Lucrative career: Android developers are among the highest-paid software engineers. You can work as an Android developer at leading tech companies and startups.
    • Build your own apps: Our Android app creation coaching in Jaipur will teach you how to develop your own Android apps and publish them on Google Play Store. You can even start your own app development business.
    • Learn in-demand skills: Android development skills are highly sought after. By learning Android, you open yourself up to many new career opportunities.
    • Be part of innovation: Work on exciting projects and build innovative apps that can positively impact people's lives.
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    Course Highlights

    • ➤ Learn Android app development from scratch
    • ➤ Build real-world Android apps through hands-on projects
    • ➤ Learn Kotlin, Android Studio, Material Design and more
    • ➤ Get guidance from industry experts
    • ➤ Earn a certificate of completion
    • ➤ 100% job assistance
    • ➤ 1-year free access to LMS
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    Course Syllabus

    • ➤ Introduction to Android
    • ➤ Setting up the environment
    • ➤ Android Architecture
    • ➤ Activities and Intents
    • ➤ UI Design with XML
    • ➤ Android Studio
    • ➤ Kotlin
    • ➤ Data Storage - SQLite, Room DB
    • ➤ Consuming Web Services - Retrofit
    • ➤ Google Maps Integration
    • ➤ Push Notifications
    • ➤ Testing - JUnit, Espresso
    • ➤ Publishing on Google Play Store
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    Why Learn with Infonictraining?

    • Experienced instructors: Learn from instructors with years of experience building Android apps.
    • Hands-on training: Build real-world Android apps through hands-on projects and assignments.
    • Industry-aligned curriculum: The course curriculum is designed to meet the latest industry requirements.
    • Job assistance: Get 100% assistance in your job search. We help you prepare your resume, practice mock interviews and connect with top employers.
    • Lifetime access to LMS: Get 1-year free access to our learning management system with study materials and video lectures.
    • Certification: Earn a certificate of completion which adds credibility to your resume.
    • Flexible schedule: Choose between weekday or weekend batches according to your convenience.
    • Affordable fees: We offer high quality training at affordable prices.
    • Post-training support: Get continuous support and guidance from our instructors even after completing the course.
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