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Cost of Digital marketing course is always very, some big institutes charge a lot but deliver nothing, on the second hand some institutes charge less.

There are a lot of courses that provide online courses, some provide weekend courses but few of these are different.

So here is the question what is the average fee of digital marketing course?, is it very costly to learn a digital marketing course?

Most of the time, the fresh graduates are flustered with the type of jobs they want to do. But when you are staying in an era of technology, you should hunt for jobs related to that.

In that regard, you can consider digital marketing. Choosing this as a career option is a good headstart indeed.

Understanding digital marketing skills and techniques are important to mastering the field. And for that be sure to get enrolled in a professional digital marketing institute.

Now if you wonder what would be the course fee then note that this will differ as per institutes. But yes in this article we will brief a bit on factors that affect digital marketing fees. 

Factors That Impact The Course Fees Of Digital Marketing 

City You Are Choosing For The Course

Talking about the digital marketing course fees you will know that the amount is more in Metropolitan cities.

Moreover, if you are intending to pursue the course from an authentic and reputed digital marketing institute the digital marketing course fee would hike up. The digital marketing fees for tier 2 cities range from 40,000 rs to 50,000 rs.

While the course price for tier 3 cities would extend from 30,000 Rs to 35,000 Rs. While there are some other institutes as well with less price varying from 10,000 Rs to 12,000 rs as well. 

Quality Of Digital Marketing Education Received 

This is one of the primary factors that decide whether the digital marketing course fee would shoot up or not. Speaking of quality, you need to ensure that the teaching quality is enriched.

Also, the institute you choose to go for should take the responsibility of updating with the latest digital marketing tools.

Additionally, should introduce you to new algorithms and help you take part in real projects to enhance your overall knowledge.

On the whole, keep eye on how exactly the materials they provide are useful to you. 

In-Depth Knowledge Imparted 

Ensure that the digital marketing institute you are contacting should offer you at-length information on each topic. Besides, that should increase your know-how on the latest development in the digital marketing world.

Note that only imparting knowledge won’t let you crack the best-paid jobs in digital marketing for that you require practical training on each of the modules.

The professional digital marketing institute will teach you SEO, web analytics, social media, Facebook ad management, email marketing, etc.

Therefore definitely course fees of the digital marketing institute imparting such a great deal of knowledge would be more.


An experienced and knowledgeable faculty help students shape their career in the right way. Therefore while choosing a digital marketing institute do make sure that you select the institute with reliable faculty.

Well-reputed institutes have faculty members who are experts in digital marketing, so you can expect real-world examples from them.

Naturally when you have such experts for teaching certainly the fees would be more in that institute. 

Job Assurance 

Finally, a digital marketing institute that promises to offer job assurance will charge a higher price. In the meantime, you need to check the reviews given by previous students.

A well-known digital marketing institute has a great connection with industry-leading digital marketing companies therefore they can arrange great job opportunities for learners. 

Course span of Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing institutes that offer the authorized certificate of DMCA generally wrap up the course within 3 months. But yes the course may extend for 6 months and that depends on the course you have specially selected. 

Fees Charged For A Digital Marketing Course 

The fees of the digital marketing course vary and that depends on the institute you are studying in. That is why you will see that most of the institutes are charging prices varying from Rs 30,000 to Rs 35,000 in India. 

In case if you are studying digital marketing as a part of your academic program, then you need to consider these bullets 

  • Institute type means whether it’s private, aided, or government
  • Institute location
  • Rating and status of the digital marketing institute 

Final Say 

You can see that the fees charged for digital marketing course in India is minimal. Also, you can expect high-quality faculty and exceptional teaching from the mentors of the well-established digital marketing institute.

Go for the course and have a golden future ahead in the field of digital marketing. 

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