Is Digital Marketing A High Paying Job

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Do you have any plans to seek a career in digital marketing in the future?

But confused with the thought that which segments of digital marketing promise to pay higher salaries? or can I earn a lot in a digital marketing career?

Well, job hunters hold your breath as we are here to clear the doubt in detail as per the job roles in digital marketing. 

Different Digital Marketing Positions To Earn Handsome Salary

Pay-Per-Click Manager Salaries Are Very High

This is one of the highly paid job segments in digital marketing. Here the individual has to devise strategies for the customers. Also, pay heed to create campaigns, allot budget, and select keywords.

The main role is to develop an inclusive strategy to tackle different types of the ads such as Bing, Google display, and the other types of paid forms of ads.

The demand for this post is high in the Indian market. Talking about the salary part on average you can draw a CTC package of Rs 10,00,000.

Note that this stated package amount is for the managerial level but fresher would get a bit less. 

SMO Or SEM Specialists Can Have High Salary Packages

SEM or SMO Job is also quite sought after in the field of digital marketing.

Speaking of which here the SEM expert has to work on optimizing the website so that when the potential users search for a specific thing they get the chance to see your product first in the list.

Additionally need to look after online promotions and take care of the website updates from time to time as the RSS feeds. Indeed this is the most credible digital marketing job in the Indian job market.

Salary wise an entry-level beginner would get a cake of approx Rs 3,00,000 while it can shoot up to Rs 9,00,000 approximately for senior level. 

Content Strategy Maker Salary Is Good 

This job role is also quite demanding and is regarded as one of the high-paying segments of digital marketing. Here the content marketers need to build a strategy that will enhance brands’ presence.

Additionally, carry out audits, create guides for content styling, and write quality content. Also, develop a compelling pitch for the specific brand. The strategist needs to be cohesive, systematic, and innovative.

Always need to create relevant and meaningful content. The salary of a fresher is approximately Rs 3,00,000 per year and for mid-level seniors, it is approximately Rs 6,00,000

E-Commerce Executive 

Since the pandemic, the E-commerce industry has seen huge leaps in terms of growth. And companies are taking leverage by branding products online. Therefore opportunities for job in this post is enticing.

Precisely you can say that this is one of the highest-paid jobs. The e-commerce experts have the skills to optimize the pages by adding adequate descriptions.

They enhance the experience of the customer and accentuate conversion. Talking about salary for fresher is approximately 3,00,00 lakhs rs and for managers, it is round up to rs 10,00,000

Brand Marketing Professional

The post for brand marketeer is in demand. Here the expert needs to create an opportunity where the brand can tell stories and engage visitors.

Also, need to make every single strategy with great detail. Moreover should have the right knowledge about devising the best strategy that will profit the company.

Coming to the salary part the freshers can earn around 2,00,000 lakhs rs to 7,00,000 rs seniors. 

Social Media Expert 

Social media is one of the fastest-growing fields in digital marketing. For this post, especially skilled social media marketers are recruited.

The main role of the individual here is to promote and generate leads as well. Now coming to the salary, here you can bag a salary of approximately Rs 3,00,000


We would like to inform you that the salary we have talked about here is an approximate salary range that you can get.

Your salary entirely depends on the digital marketing skills you gathered, the place you are residing in, the company you are working for, and your years of experience.

Note that the salary will differ for each city, the salary for tier 1 is more than tier 2. Rest like those having a digital marketing certificate from a reputed digital marketing institute can get a higher salary. 

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Final say 

Gather knowledge of digital marketing to get a qualified position. The salary is quite decent but it will vary for individuals, Its presentation skills and knowledge.

Make Yourself Ready For High-Paying Job In Digital Marketing.

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