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Why student does not get job after completing course in Digital Marketing

May 8, 2022


After doing courses in Digital marketing many Jobseekers weren’t able to get hired by Digital marketing firms. So here in this article, I am going to highlight the reasons and solutions to this problem. In the following paragraphs, you might get a solution to your problem no matter if you are a newbie to the industry or a small business owner who has just completed the course still looking for employment opportunities. Individuals could be familiar with the mistakes which they are doing wrong so they could eradicate that issue and get attractive job offers. In this article, you will be provided with recommendations on how to get jobs after completing digital marketing course

Why Students don’t get jobs after completing digital marketing courses


They don’t even apply and wait for a miracle

The main reason for not getting a job after a digital marketing course is that learners \ freshers got certificates after completion of their courses in Digital Marketing so they feel like now they have those certificates. They get hired by any company so they don’t put effort into applying for any job portal such as, LinkedIn etc.

In some cases, they just desire to work for a renowned company. Some of them expect an attractive salary at the start. They don’t realize they are starting their career from scratch so they should first jump into the market and simply grab the opportunity or internship and gain the knowledge without focusing on the pay scale. please don’t just sit and wait for calls from companies, you have to apply on different portals


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Lack of practical knowledge

Digital marketing institute provides practical and theoretical knowledge but some of the students don’t pay attention in class. They understand the theory but they don’t want to apply them or practice them. That habit costs them in the long run as they aren’t able to understand practical work and working methods of real-time projects. Lack of knowledge doesn’t allow them to excel in interviews and careers. Eventually, they get a rejection from every end. After course, most of the students don’t know how to make funnels, how to run paid campaigns, and how to make content strategies. so if you don’t know how to do things practically, then there are lack of chances that you will get a job in digital marketing 


They don’t have good presentation skill

Communication skills, and presentation of your knowledge play a key role in passing a digital marketing interview and getting a job. That confidence comes when an individual has put the effort in learning. Exceptionally some students are knowledgeable but they are not able to represent their skills and knowledge. Freshers should work on presentation skills in addition to having mastery of Digital Marketing concepts. They should know how to run Google ads, Keyword research and be aware of various types of marketing such as content marketing, campaign marketing, Email Marketing, Display advertising, etc. If you don’t know how to run google ads, then you can join content marketing training, google ads training.


Directly apply for a job instead of an internship

Generally, students just want to work as digital marketers so instead of an internship they apply for a job and in initial interviews they got rejected. There they mostly ask for experience then they feel depressed and devastated. It puts them off and they feel a lack of interest. Their dreams are shattered when they hear negative answers from their employers. They don’t understand the fact they are not market-ready yet they need to polish themselves. Digital marketing internships are a way to work on their skills and prepare for challenges so they can ace their career in Digital Marketing.


Recommendations for students to get digital marketing job faster


Digital marketing course has a wide scope but one has to work smartly to grab a job in Digital Marketing. Digital marketing fresher can become SEO marketers also as they have knowledge about both sectors. Internships are an excellent way to acquire knowledge and salary.

Getting a job is a problem in this era, as competition is at exceptionally high. So internships and small companies are a way to start their career. Individuals can make websites to showcase their talents and another option is they can work for free for some company and show their ranking and details with the company. These activities help them to park a job and accelerate their career growth.


Make connections on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a boon for small business entrepreneurs and freshers as they just got knowledge from experts and professionals. LinkedIn helps them to connect with potential clients and employers. Even individuals can get hiring opportunities from companies abroad. Pupils have to work on their presentations on LinkedIn. They can attract many Employers there. More connections on LinkedIn help them to land an attractive job. Start using LinkedIn, make connections, and search for new jobs and internships on LinkedIn, and definitely, you will get a digital marketing internship or job 


Practice for interview

Students should work on their communication skills, soft skills, and on their knowledge of Digital Marketing. They might be able to express their point of view about on-page SEO, Off-page SEO, funnels, and Digital marketing tools. They should get ready for questions about their CV, about details and skills which they mentioned in their CV. The explanation should be impeccable so the employer could understand what you desire to convey.


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Make a portfolio of your skills

One can display their skills through a portfolio for which project and company they have worked on during the digital marketing course and how that company is doing in terms of ranking and user traffic. Students could create a free website, write content, make images on canvas, or work on paid ads like google ads or Facebook to represent their talent. Together they can create a portfolio to grab an amazing opportunity in digital marketing job from an interested employer.


Apply for internship

The internship is a brilliant way to enter the digital marketing industry. If a candidate can fulfill the required criteria they can get an opportunity to work in that company. Along with it one can get paid for that learning and knowledge. On top of that, candidates can work on Real-time projects under the supervision of expert Digital marketers which will help them to understand the industry from the inside out. 


Focus on learning instead of money

The Digital Marketing industry is always considered an exciting sector of the job market. digital marketing freshers should focus on learning and experience while working in the industry at the start. Otherwise, the salary factor puts them off. They should be keen to work hard on their projects and assignments. Internships from reputed companies are an asset for Jobseeker resumes which help their job in a short duration of time. So eventually it is a better decision to start working for a small company or for less money if it gives you knowledge of the industry.

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