Top 8 Digital Marketing Internship Sites In India

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Digital marketing is a growing field with more and more opportunities coming in every day. There are many short-term and long-term courses for learning digital marketing.

However, doing just the courses is not enough, one needs to have the practical experience to start in the field.

In such cases, internships are a must. Hence, to find out the top 8 digital marketing internship sites in India, keep reading the article and we bet you will be left astonished in the end.

Top 8 Digital Marketing Internship Websites:

Here is the list of the top-rated digital marketing internship website in India.


it is the best site if one is looking for internships. It provides internship opportunities to students and freshers alike. It is one of the top sites for doing a digital marketing internship.It is also very user-friendly.

It also provides short-term courses and training programs. It’s very popular among millennials and Gen Z.


it is also among the top websites if you are looking for digital marketing internships. It is useful not only to students but also to companies.


it gives access to a lot of opportunities for students, one of them being internships. It helps one get a digital marketing internship at ease. Students can also attend workshops through twenty19. It is a great site if one is searching for digital marketing internships.


it identifies an internship as a very important part of one’s career. It gives people an option and opportunity to gain practical experience of working through interning. It has an ample number of internships in the field of digital marketing as well.


it is one of the top digital marketing sites in India. It connects students to the best internships. They also conduct workshops and provide online classes on a wide variety of topics.


it doesn’t only provide you with internship opportunities but also equips you with training skills. It connects students and freshers with the best companies out there, thus proving to be one of the best digital marketing internship providing sites in India.


it is one of the top digital marketing sites for a reason. It provides training opportunities to people who are just starting their career in digital marketing so that they can get some of the best internship opportunities.


if your focus is digital analytics, this is the right site for you. It was the first site that started the social marketing workshop series and has been very successful.

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Digital marketing is the career for you if you are looking for a field that gives you good returns and is trendy.

There are ample opportunities in the field and one can be successful with dedication and hard work. you can also check the Top 15 highest paying jobs in India.

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