Trending Short-Term Courses in 2022

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The world is ever-changing and to succeed, continuous learning is the key! This article will give you insight into trending job-oriented short-term courses which will help you earn money, thereby also saving your time! With the employment rate in India not improving, one cannot rely on a basic computer course.

Having a backup is always a good thing, and having short-term courses as a backup is the best thing out there!

There is fierce competition everywhere. But if you can gain an advantage over your competitors, you can easily land the highly paid jobs that are in demand.

Additionally, there are a lot of free courses on the market that can help you find the job that best suits your professional goals.

Due to increased competition, it is becoming tougher to get and keep a job, so it is crucial to upskill in order to remain relevant in the field. Short-term courses after 12th help you gain an advantage over your peers in that you can start earning early.

We are not asking you to change your field, but rather to expand your horizons so as to keep your options open and not just depend on one thing. Doing a short-term course after 10th grade, 12th grade, or even after graduation does give you an edge over other people.

Trending Short Courses of 2022 for Indian Students

  1. Data Science:

Data science is nothing but extracting meaningful information from a large chunk of raw data. This data is then collected by enterprises, and that’s why it is one of the most highly paid courses. It is also one of the short-term courses after the 12th.

It takes 20 hours to complete this course, and a data scientist often makes between 11 and 18 LPA. Get your certificate for data science today!!!

  1. Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing is a growing field and its demand is increasing day by day. It is a way to connect brands with the target audience digitally, thus making it easier for both parties.

A lot of people pursue short-term digital marketing courses after the 12th, therefore equipping themselves with basic email, social media platforms, and basic text messages digital marketing. This course takes 160 hours to complete on average.

A digital marketing specialist often makes between 3 and 12 LPA. Get your digital marketing certification today!

  1. Financial planner:

Being a certified financial planner can be one of the most well-known certifications one can get in the field of finance.

It is specifically intended for aspirants who want to show that they are committed to and competent in the practice of ethical financial planning.

The length of this brief course is typically six weeks. Certified financial planners make an average of Rs. 3,48,507 a year. Get certified in financial planning today!!!

  1. Machine learning:

Machine learning is the process of automating machines with the use of cutting-edge algorithms. It is a branch of artificial intelligence and, hence, is in great demand.

Getting a machine learning short-term course certification can be of great aid as the average salary one can make out of it is 8–20 LPA.

This course lasts, on average, 25 hours. Yes, do it right now!!!

  1. Full Stack Development:

One of the highest-paying fields is full-stack development, which also sees a lot of cutthroat competition. It also requires a lot of hard work as one should have knowledge of both front-end and server-side technologies.

After completing the short course in full-stack development, one should be able to make full-fledged dynamic websites.

Cool right? Get your full-stack development certification right now!! It doesn’t take more than 120 hours to complete the course, and the average salary one can get as a full-stack developer ranges from 12-14 LPA.

Other Short Term Courses for Job Orientation

Other short-term courses after graduation that one can also take into account can be business analyst, product development, sales and marketing, PHP certification, Finance Accounting and Taxation, Blockchain technology, etc.

It is advisable to not keep all your eggs in one basket, and with the ever-changing market and the audience, it is always better to go with the fields that are probably never going to go out of fashion.

The world is moving towards the field of artificial intelligence and equipping yourself with one such sub-field is not a choice but a necessity in today’s world.

You can get certified in all these courses after 10th grade too. So what’s stopping you? Get certified today!!!


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