How Much Can You Earn In Digital Marketing

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Fresh graduates are always on the hunt for excellent jobs. But at the same time, they are equally eager to know about the salary they would receive.

How much money can make in a digital marketing career? In that case, a lucrative job would be better than digital marketing which promises to pay a handsome amount. 

But the fact is to be a part of this competitive, challenging, and fast-paced digital marketing industry, you need to be an expert in this.

And that is possible only when you learn the course from a professional digital marketing institute. Therefore today in this article we will tell you how much can you earn in digital marketing

Salary Of Digital Marketer Depends On Skills

Note that a digital marketing manager needs to have amazing expertise in dealing with various digital marketing activities.

Willingness to work expertly in fields of Seo, sem, PPC, content marketing, email, and campaigns call for action. Well, the said are some of the necessary posts that a digital marketer has to seriously serve.

Here we will tell you what are the must-have activities one has to play seriously. 

  • Plan, prepare and Carry out the digital marketing operations. 
  • Manage and evaluate paid marketing promotions. He or she needs to create a budget and splurge the amount as required based on monthly or yearly. 
  • Have a proper understanding of SEO and know how to target exactly to increase the volume of search and accentuate the rate of conversion ratio. 
  • Carry out the social media campaigns both paid and organic
  • The digital marketing manager needs to have equal knowledge regarding performance marketing as well. 
  • A digital marketer needs to understand the insight and trends of the digital marketing industry. This understanding will help the digital marketeer to have a precise picture of the performance. 
  • Measuring the performance based on different aspects of digital marketing and evaluating the return on investment based on that. 
  • A digital marketing expert needs to be eloquent, presentable, and knowledgeable regarding the present techniques of marketing. 

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Salaries Of The Digital Marketing Experts In India

Digital marketing professionals with experience of 4 to 8 years get an average salary of Rs 8,09,777. Well, there are some other factors like the industry the person is working in, the eligibility he beholds, and whether the concerned person has any valid digital marketing certificate from a reputed digital marketing institute or not.

Now you would see that the salary for the digital marketing managers in the tier 1 city ranges from Rs 4,00,000 to Rs 8,00,000. It is obvious that the salary of the tier 1 city is more than compared to the salaries offered to the digital marketing experts in tier 2. 

Salaries For SEM And PPC Experts In India 

Individuals with one year of experience as an SEM and PPC expert draw a salary of rs 2,50,000 every year. Now freshers with 0 experience in the field but with proper knowledge regarding the SEM and PPC can draw the same amount of salary.

With the enhancement of knowledge, a digital marketeer can climb up the steps to serve the post of an Assistant manager or team leader. In that case, the pay package may shoot up to Rs 6,00,000. You can expect to double up your income by learning PPC as well.   

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Expected Salary Earning Of The SEO Specialist In India 

Well, a fresher opting to start a career in the Seo field should know that the salary package would be a bit less compared to the PPC professionals.

On average, the salary of a search engine professional is Rs 2,20,000 annually. Seo professionals with 1 to 2 years of expertise in the field will earn well. While Seo interns earn about rs 15,000 each month

Salary Of The Social Media Professionals In India

Now digital marketing experts with knowledge of social media marketing will earn more compared to that of the PPC analyst.

Generally, the salary package for people with 3 years of experience counts up to 3,50,000 Rs. The person leading the team as an executive gets a salary hike of Rs 5,00,000. While on reaching the position of social media manager one can get rs 5,60,000.

Approx Earning of content marketing specialists in India

People willing to start a career as content marketing specialists can expect a salary ranging from 2,00,000 to 4,00,000 per year. But yes said package is for people with 1 to 3 years of experience.

The pay scale of a content marketing manager with more than 8 years of experience is decent as a yearly hike of 10,00,000 to 20,00,000 Rs is offered. 

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Final Say

Here we have discussed the salaries of the digital marketing experts that you can expect in India. 

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