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Course Fee: ₹12,000/- ₹8,000/- Only (Save Rs. 4,000/- while Paying One Time!)

  • Learn from Basic to Advance Level
  • Get real time experience with Live Projects
  • In-depth knowledge about Google Ads Platform
  • Learn Strategies for Targeting and Optimization
  • Ad Creation, Keyword Research & Bidding
  • Campaign Management and Reporting
  • Performance Tracking and Analysis
  • 1 Months Course Duration
  • Affordable Fees Structure
  • Lifetime Alumni Support

Start Your SEO Professional Career

    100% Practical and Advanced Google Ads Training By Experts in Jaipur

    Learn from from Google Certified Trainer

    Get hands-on experience in google ads with certification.

    Google Ads Course + Internship:

    Best institute, offering google ads course in jaipur with internship program.

    Job Assurance

    Having a consultancy firm, that assure job assistance to our google ads training students.

    Affordable Fees

    Very affordable fees structure for Google Ads classes in Jaipur.

    #1 Advanced Google Adwords Training Institute In Jaipur

    If you're looking to increase your knowledge and expertise in Google Adwords, then Infonic Training is the #1 advanced Google Adwords training institute in Jaipur. With experienced instructors at the helm, Infonic Training provides comprehensive training; from basic advertising concepts to how to build successful campaigns.

    From setting up campaigns to providing optimization techniques for your existing campaigns, students will be given an understanding of every aspect of Google Adwords— ensuring that they come away with the skills and confidence to create winning paid search strategies. Moreover, Tailor-made Courses are also available on request featuring practical sessions including Real-Time Ads Management with detailed reports analysis -allowing students the hands-on experience needed to gain a mastery over Google Adwords. Don't miss this opportunity and make sure to register now!

    Discover the Real-World Strategies of Google Adwords with our Comprehensive Course in Jaipur!

    Consider taking a comprehensive course in Jaipur on Google AdWords from Infonic Training. Not only will this training provide an introduction to the basics of AdWords, but it will also help you discover the real-world strategies that are essential to make the most out of this powerful online advertising tool.

    You'll learn key concepts such as keyword targeting, managing conversions and tracking results; equipping you with all the necessary knowledge to create campaigns that reach your goals.

    We will go over all types of ads such as display ad, search ad, YouTube ads and even shopping ads. Moreover, our team will help guide you through developing an effective ad campaign that is tailored to your needs. By signing up for this course, all participants can be rest assured that they will have all the tools necessary to gain a competitive edge!

    At Infonic Training we believe everyone should have access to learning valuable skills like these so sign up today and unlock the powerful potential of Google Ads!

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    Career Opportunities Waiting for You after Doing Google Ads Course in Jaipur


    Those who have completed a Google Ads course in Jaipur from Infonic Training can look forward to many exciting career opportunities. Digital Marketing is experiencing an explosive growth, with more and more companies relying on this medium to reach out to their target audience. With the right knowledge and skills, a professional can easily find lucrative jobs as a Digital Marketer. As far as Google Ads courses go, Infonic Training offers comprehensive training on the fundamentals of Google Ads, as well as advanced techniques used by most successful companies.

    The course includes thorough instruction on setting up campaigns, managing bids & budgets and writing effective ads. On completion of the course, learners will be able to create and manage their own campaigns across multiple platforms such as YouTube, Display Network, Search Network etc. Additionally, learners will also learn about optimizing campaigns for better performance and tracking conversions for ROI analysis. These skills are highly sought after in the job market today and can lead to higher salaries.

    By gaining expertise in Google Adwords/Ads, professionals can also open new avenues for themselves such as becoming a consultant or even starting their own digital advertising agency! Furthermore, these skills are essential for those looking to pursue a career in Digital Marketing Management or Online Advertising Management roles. With this course from Infonic Training in Jaipur, you can get the necessary knowledge required to launch your career in Digital Marketing with confidence!

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    So, why should you come to us for Google Ads Course in Jaipur?

    Real-Time Ads Management

    Get hands-on experience with real-time ads management including reports analysis!

    No Prior Experience Needed

    The course is designed in a way that requires no prior knowledge or experience of Google Ads.

    Certification Program

    All participants will be awarded a certificate upon successful completion of the program.

    Hybrid Course Modules

    Learn about 50+ Advance Google Ads Course Modules in Jaipur

    Are you looking for an in-depth understanding of digital marketing strategies? Try Infonic Training's 50+ Advance Google Ads Course Modules in Jaipur. Industry experts will guide you through this comprehensive course, equipping you with the knowledge to create a successful Google Ads Campaign.

    You will be able to understand the basics of targeting and optimisation, as well learn about the importance of budgeting and quality score. Moreover, guided by hands-on practical sessions, campaigns developed by you will go live. Join this course today to experience a whole new level of digital marketing success!

    PPC Introduction

    Google Ads basics

    Google search network

    Location Targetting

    Different keywords

    Keyword match type

    Negative keyword

    Funnels Creation

    Ad Extension

    URL Tracking Options


    Conversion Tracking

    Conversion Tracking with Analytics

    Google Display Ads

    Remarketing Ads

    RLSA for ROI

    Audiance Segmant

    Discovery Ads

    Youtube Ads

    google Merchant Center

    Upload Product Feed

    Smart Shopping Ads

    Dynamic Search Ads

    Performance Max Ads

    Hone Your Skills With Our Google Ads Paid Internship Programs In Jaipur

    At Infonic Training, we offer our google ads paid Internship in Jaipur to hone your skills and help you start your career off on the right foot. Our proficient team of trainers have been offering quality internship programs for the past few years and are committed to helping professionals excel.

    Whether you're an experienced practitioner looking to expand your knowledge or a beginner who's just starting out in online marketing, our tailored courses will provide an excellent foundation and allow you to develop professionally.

    By investing in our Google Ads internship program, you'll be provided with mentorship and job-placement assistance as well, ensuring that you can unleash your potential and build a successful career.

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    google ads paid training course

    Learn Popular Tools Required in Google Ads

    In this training Programme you will master 20+ industry leading SEO tools used by Top SEO Professionals and Companies across the world. These tools assist SEOs to attain analytical edge and quick execution of Tasks.

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