Career Options for Housewives in India

July 21, 2022 | Views

Housewives in India have the skills and they want to work but because of getting married, they face a lot of challenges in their careers.


However, many of them want to start afresh and get a separate identity for themselves.

Therefore, if you are a housewife searching for “can I restart my career after marriage ”, the answer is absolute yes!

Women in India are known as multi-taskers. They can manage their houses and work simultaneously.

However, many women who were initially housewives are now looking to change the course of their lives by choosing to make a career for themselves.

Therefore, in this article, we will be looking at some of the best career options for housewives in India. Keeping in mind everything, IT field and work from home are the best options for them.

Make sure you read it till the end so as to not miss out on any of the important career options for housewives in India in 2022.

The top seven career options for housewives in India are as follows:

Digital Marketing:

the most in-demand field right now is digital marketing. It is one of the best courses for housewives in India as it is a course of 3 to 6 months and pays well. It can be learned easily and requires theoretical and practical knowledge.

Digital marketing is basically the promotion of brands and companies online, basically on different social media platforms.

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Graphic designing:

it is a suitable and preferred option for housewives in India as it is a short-term course and requires creativity. They can have a great future in this with the starting salary being 12k a month.

In this job role, one is expected to have creative thinking that is required to make attractive brochures, presentations, posts, and many other things.

Social Media Manager

it is the job role that involves social media marketing on various platforms thus helping the company increase their brand awareness. It is in trend right now. It pays well and has a lot of scope.

There are no better managers than women who manage their houses too and therefore is one of the best career options for housewives.

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Content writing/Freelancing:

it involves writing content for a particular brand or company, typically for their websites or social media handles. it is a job that doesn’t require much training and can be done from the comfort of your home too.

Thus, it is a convenient career option for women handling their houses and career simultaneously.

Data Entry

it is a job that requires transferring data from paper formats to computer systems. It is a very easy job and requires only basic computer knowledge and one can get paid up to 7-8k a month for this.

Therefore, it is a suitable job for women who are handling two things simultaneously.

Web designing

every company or brand is looking for a web designer as it is an important part of their online presence. It involves making a website for a brand as it is their first impression.

Therefore, the scope of this field is amazing and it requires a course of 6 months-1 years, hence proving to be a feasible and good option for housewives in India.

Affiliate marketing

it involves talking to consumers, solving their queries, promoting a brand, generating leads, etc.

The field of affiliate marketing is in great demand right now and pays well. It is a course of 5-6 months and is feasible for housewives in India.

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