BEST job oriented courses after B.COM in 2024

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Which Job-oriented Courses are Best After B.Com?

Graduating from a bachelor degree in commerce (B.COM), and after that finding a right job-oriented course will have a huge impact on your career path.

Choosing the right career making courses after completing your graduation depends on your interest and the demand of that industry in a market. That will be useful for you to make a successful career in that particular field.

If you are that individual who is searching for a job oriented course after B.COM. Then maybe you will stop your search of finding the best career oriented courses after reading our whole article.

In this article we will provide you an in depth guide of op courses to pursue after B.COM, from where to pursue and the cost of the courses in 2024 .

Top 5 job oriented courses after B.COM

Getting an idea of different courses after graduating will be way better than choosing a wrong career path. So explore as much as you can before choosing the best career making path out of it. 

Generally after graduating students go for higher studies and the other option which mostly students opt for is chartered accountant (CA).

 In this article we provide you with numerous employability course options which you can do after B.COM. Those can help you in getting a good corporate kind of job in a more easy manner.

1. Digital Marketing Course After B.Com

Rather going for a long term degree or higher studies you can even opt for short term courses like digital marketing 

As TIME IS MONEY, why do you want to waste your time in getting a 3 or 4 years of degree while you can do a 3 or 4 months of digital marketing course which is equally beneficial for you in making a career out of it.

Digital marketing generally means to promote or sell your product and services through the internet platforms like, social media, search engines or every platform where you can connect with your consumer or audiences.

Why to choose short-term digital marketing course over any other 3-4 years long degree

  • First, will save your time which can be useful for you to be in some other productive work
  • Second, digital marketing is a very high demanding field
  • Third, their is diversity in this field in which you can opt according to your interest 
  • Fourth, digital marketing is a flexible job in which you can work as a freelancer or even start your own business.

Job opportunities in digital marketing

  • Digital marketing specialist
  • SEO specialist
  • Social media manager
  • Content marketing specialist
  • PPC specialist
  • E-commerce specialist

Why to do digital marketing course from Infonic Training 

  •  Infonic training provides you with the best digital marketing course with the lowest cost structure in Jaipur.
  • Will give you the chance to work on a live project 
  • Our training institution provides you with not only a digital marketing course but also an internship after that where you can gain practical knowledge.
  • For getting more information about our digital marketing course you can check on our link

2.  Full Stack Development Course 

You can unlock a variety of opportunities by investing your time and money in the right course for your career.

This course will be the great option for the individuals who are interested in stepping into the tech industry.

Full stack development means the developer who works on both the ends of the web applications which is front end ( client side ) and back end ( server side ).

Benefits you will get of doing full stack development course

  • High demand in tech industry
  • Various opportunities in various sector
  • High earning  potential
  • You can develop the ability to create and manage the complete web applications 
  • You can even do freelancing

Job opportunities in full stack development 

  • Full stack developer
  • Front end developer
  • Back end developer
  • UI/UX developer
  • Startup founder

3. Java Programming Course 

Basically java is a programming language and this programming language is used widely.

The Java course is ideal for those who are interested in software development and are curious about how the programming languages work.

The person who became expert in this field will have the no. of job opportunities in the tech industry.

Benefits of doing java course 

  • Not time consuming course 
  • Variety of career opportunities
  • Java developers are high in demand in tech industry
  • The person without tech background can also do this course
  • High salary packages
  • You will develop very good foundation for learning other programming languages

 Job opportunities after doing java course 

  • Java developer
  • Web developer
  • Android developer
  • Backend developer
  • Java architect

Go and explore our website infonic training for getting more information about java courses.

4. Business Analytics Course 

Business analytic  is one of the most popular courses these days that focuses on getting a job and can lead to amazing professional chances.

Companies throughout the world use analytics to improve their sales success.

Business analytics courses teach you how to make strategic  business decisions by analyzing data and applying statistical approaches.

Business analytics work on executing different departments of the industry to check on their weak points and correct them.

Benefits of doing business analytic course

  • business analytic course will improve your decision making power
  • Will give you the ability to work with large database
  • High salary packages
  • High demand in various industries
  • Get opportunities in work with a various sectors like finance, marketing, operations and many more 

Job opportunities for business analyst

  • Marketing analyst
  • business consultant
  • Product analyst
  • Supply chain analyst
  • Financial analyst
  • Quantitative analyst

5. Data visualization course 

Data visualization refers to a practice of displaying data or information using visual components like charts, graphs, and maps.

For people who are interested in research, design, and algorithms, this course might be beneficial.

Benefits to do data visualization course 

  • Enhance your ability of creativity  and storytelling
  • High demand in various industries which involves finance industry, marketing industry, healthcare industry and technology industry.

 Job opportunities in data visualizations

  • Data visualization developer
  • Business intelligence analyst
  • Data scientist
  • Data visualization engineer

You can complete this course in 1 to 3 months and there’s no need for experience required for doing a data visualization course.


We hope that the above courses can help you in finding the perfect job oriented course after graduating from B.COM.

Or if you want to go for higher studies then also you can do this course. Which will eventually help you in your future opportunities because this will enhance your skills and increase your potential of getting the perfect job.




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