Why Engineers are Unemployed in India

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B.Tech. Degree Is Not Sufficient For Getting Job

Why Engineers are Unemployed in India. (No Job After B.Tech) Degree?

The biggest problem today is that most young people who have gone to college are not able to find jobs that match their skills. This is not their fault.

The education system is to blame because it focuses on theoretical knowledge instead of practical skills. This will create a problem for these students when they look for jobs in the future.

That is why many students are now looking for B.tech job-oriented training in Jaipur to build up a better future.

Causes Of B.Tech Unemployment

In today’s changing life, getting a job for students is becoming very tough. After the study is completed, there are very few options for the job, even if you have a good degree.

Job Options had come down to the students with an economic recovery in 2007, but nowadays the situation has improved very much.

Even then, many Reasons are in front of the students, due to which the students are still jobless even after graduation is completed.

There are many reasons why students are still jobless after completing their degree. Let’s see

  • Competitive Market –  There is a competition going on in the market of students being unemployed & jobless. Those students who beat the Competition can get the job. And those who cannot beat this competition remain abandoned.
  • Lack of Practical Knowledge – In today’s era, at the time of study completion students have a lot of fun in mind. Because of this, they take only the degree, but in such cases, the practical knowledge of the students remains incomplete and there is no such command of their practical subjects.The direct effect comes in their job life. And even after the degree is complete, they remain unemployed.In such a situation, students should perform such courses which are job-oriented and should have full knowledge and command of the practice of those courses.
  • Lack of Guidance – Many times, students’ lack of knowledge is not the reason for being unemployed, sometimes it is a matter of guidance, nobody guides them.This happens with many students, after completing the degree, they do not get any good guidance, due to which students lose their way.In such a way, they should join a good institute that can guide the students well. One such institute is the Infonic Training, Jaipur. Where they can be guided in their career.
  • No interest- Even after the students complete their degree, they do not have a good job in their field; because they do not have an interest in the field they have chosen for study. Because of this, after study completion of the degree, they remain jobless.

Jobless & Unemployed Engineering Graduates Is A Major Problem

In today’s competitive era students are doing different degrees like MBA, MCA, B.tech, and M.tech for a better future and a good job but, after completion of their degree, they are jobless, not because they have not any knowledge or competency but due to lack of practical knowledge.

Many organizations looking for a candidate who has not only a degree but also some sort of practical knowledge because they don’t want to waste their time training candidates for months it reduces time as well as cost, often IT companies hire candidates who have practical knowledge.

Students can overcome this problem by taking Industrial training for B.Tech, from this training they can get idea and knowledge about how companies actually work and how he can get the best job according to his desirableness.

Companies Hire Talent, Not B.Tech Degree

The first one we do count is “scarcity of required skills for B.tech freshers”. Each reputed company wants that it will hire the best talent so that the company can grow fast.

To get success in this goal, they conduct rounds of interviews in which they call a number of students and select the deserving one(s).

If you are one who passed through a number of interviews but still waiting for a golden chance, we strongly recommend the consultation of experienced faculty. They are experts in different trending technologies and help students to boost their careers in the IT sector.

Learn Practical Skills During Engineering For Getting Job

The most common reason is overconfidence about the degree. We can call it the “illusion”. Most engineering students have created an illusion around them.

They accept the thing that they will be able to get an instant job offer after completing engineering. If you follow the group of people and do the same as they are, you will certainly reach nothing.

You need to focus on your passion, and on the market demand or not on what other people are doing.

Students must learn different demanding technologies for acquiring a good job. In today’s surroundings companies work on different technologies and hire candidates for the same.

There are so many technologies available in markets like Web Development, Web Designing, PHP training, WordPress, and many more.

You have to select any one technology in which you want to make your career and get trained for same.

These technologies are updating day by day so, you have to update with time and get training from the best B.tech Industrial training institute in Jaipur.

If you expertise in any technology then you will get a handsome salary for the same and even frequently growth in a company.

Practical Training For Job After B.Tech To Overcome Unemployment

Surface knowledge can be counted as one of the causes of this issue. The job aspirant must be an expert in the area within which she/he is looking for a job.

The candidate can join a training program in interesting technology which helps them to get a good job and a handsome salary.

There are so many job-oriented courses for B.tech students like, PHP Training, Website Designing Course, SEO and You can take help from Infonic Training regarding these courses and choose your career with our expert faculties.

Update Your Digital Marketing Skills For getting job After Engineering

Getting a high-paying job is hard, but getting a job interview for one is even harder. The key to landing your dream job is having the right digital marketing skills and experience on your resume. Without these skills, you’re not going to get that dream job or salary you deserve.

Infonic created this Digital Marketing Course which helps you land those high-paying jobs by teaching you how we cracked our last few interviews and landed multiple offers from top companies like Google, Amazon, and more!

Give Your Career Right Path!

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