I Am Confused About my Career After Engineering

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Are you someone who has done their bachelor’s in engineering and doesn’t know what to do now? Are you constantly searching for “career options after engineering”?

Are you confused between government jobs and private jobs after engineering?

Are your parents forcing you to go for a government job?

If you find all these questions overwhelming, this article will answer all your questions, especially if you want to go for a private job.

Some of the fields that we will be talking about in this article do not require a particular degree. Just having basic computer knowledge and the will to learn more is enough.

These are courses in which you can do a short-term course and easily get a job on the basis of that.

The duration of the course might be 5 to 6 months, and the pay package will be around 5-12 LPA. Keep reading and get your queries answered about what to do with your career after engineering.

Top Five Career Choices After Engineering:

here is the list of top Career choice after engineering you can choose to bright your future.

Digital marketing

It is the most in-demand course in today’s world. it basically involves using marketing practices to promote a brand or a company online, on various social media platforms, thus creating a good online presence for an organization.

It is an essential part of growing in the market today. However, the job requires being updated on the latest trends and having an eye for detail.

The scope of digital marketing in India is increasing day by day as there are many career  opportunities in this growing sector. Also, Job and the salary in digital marketing is given in the image below.

Graphic designing

a graphic designer is someone who designs brochures, makes presentations, and basically handles the creative site for a business, brand, or organization. It requires thinking outside the box.

The average salary in the field of graphic design is approximately 7 LPA.

Affiliate marketing

the affiliate marketing manager takes care of everything starting from Brainstorming, planning, and launching to keeping track, analysing, making changes, etc.

The job is not as hectic as it sounds and is actually very fun if you know your job. One can earn very well in the field of affiliate marketing and is in high demand right now.

The estimated salary of an affiliate marketing manager is 3 LPA.

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Social media manager

a social media manager is someone who handles the social media accounts of a brand or a company, thus making it online presence better and optimising it according to the new needs of the consumers.

The world is changing every day, and keeping up with the trends is the job of a social media manager. If your social media accounts are not maintained, one can fall behind in the market very easily. Therefore, it is a fun job with a lot of responsibility.

The estimated salary of a social media manager is 6 LPA.

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Web development

it basically involves learning everything about website making and applying it by making a website. All the brands and companies are looking for a web developer as there is no brand or company that doesn’t have a website now and having a good one is not a choice but a necessity.

Therefore, the scope in this field is really high with the estimated salary of a web developer being 7-8 LPA.

All the job profiles can be considered if one is confused about what to do after engineering. You don’t have to go with the common degrees of doing Mtech or MBA.

The world has changed and a lot of new jobs and careers have come into being. In order to be successful and earn well, it is important to go with the trends.

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