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Are you a BTech passout? Are you also confused about what to do after BTech? You don’t know what the career options are after BTech? Do not worry!

In this article, we will be talking about various sub-fields of engineering and career options after them.

At the end of the article, we will also discuss some of the short-term courses one can take if one is looking to switch fields from engineering.

Career opportunities in these courses pay well and save a lot of time. Keep reading to learn about career options after BTech.

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Top Career options after mechanical engineering:

  • Manufacturing: it is one of the best career options after engineering. Mechanical engineers are best known for identifying the root cause, putting minds into things, etc.

They are the ones who manufacture and make sure the product reaches the consumers in good condition.

  • Defense: it is one of the most competitive fields in engineering. The role of a mechanical engineer can range from assessment of the competitor to model development.

Here, it is essential to be constantly updated, spontaneous, and solution-oriented.

  • Aerospace industry: this field is like a dream for all engineers. A career in this field is amazing.

An aerospace engineer deals with the designing and mechanical parts of an aircraft, satellite, spacecraft, etc.

Other options in this field might include Automobile Industries, Construction, Energy Services, Biomedical, Robotics, and Automation

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Best Career options after chemical engineering:

  • Biotechnologists: they deal with molecular biology and study the genetic, physical, and chemical aspects of cells, tissues, etc. It sounds theoretical but biotechnologists see the practical side of it.
  • Chemical engineer: The role of a chemical engineer is not only to design products but also to develop them. transforming a substance’s chemical, biological, and physical states into something else.
  • Colour technologist: The job of a color technologist is to control the production quality of the products. Their job also involves keeping up with the trends and reviewing what the audience likes.

Career options after civil engineering:

  • Construction managers: they are the ones who supervise the work on construction sites. They have to have knowledge about the weather, costs, teamwork, time management, etc.
  • Geotechnical engineer: their job is to manage things that is related to the betterment of the nature and environment around us, like managing waste disposal, flood control, etc.

Other career options in the field of civil engineering might include environmental engineer, public health engineer, transportation engineer, etc.

Career options after electrical engineering:

  • Electrical Engineer: their job is to work with different types of electrical systems that help in transmitting electricity, power, etc. They also work in supplying electricity to cities.
  • Telecommunications Engineer: their job is to design, manage, and facilitate different modes of e-communication like calls, texts, the internet, etc.
  • Instrumentation Engineer: the job of an instrumentation engineer is to make sure the quality of the product is stable and not compromised.

Other career options might include Micro Electrical Engineer, electrical design engineer, etc.

All these careers are the best, and the wages are also good. However, if you are someone who is no longer interested in the field of engineering, there are a lot of career options in other fields as well.

Are you looking to switch fields from engineering? Keep reading the article to gain knowledge about the different fields that one can go into after being passed out of engineering.

List of Top short-term courses that one can go for:

  • Digital marketing: it is one of the best courses if one wants to earn money after doing a short-term course. It involves marketing through digital means, and one has to keep up with the trends to excel in the modern era there are high demand of digital marketing skills.To learn more about digital marketing course in Jaipur you can consult the certified experts of
  • Graphic designing: skills required to be a graphic designer are creating and keeping up with the trends. The value of this field is increasing day by day. A graphic designer creates posters, advertisements, etc.
  • Social media manager: it involves managing different social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., and engaging with the audience so as to earn revenue through it.

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