Can I Get a job After BTech?

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Engineering is a great field with ample opportunities. It is a widely known field and has a lot of respect.

However, barely getting a BTech degree is not enough in today’s world. One needs to make sure of a lot of things.

This article will be talking about some of the things that make one get a job easily after completing their graduation in BTech.

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Important skills

One needs to have the right skills that are valued in the field of engineering. Some of them might include innovation, critical thinking, being tech-savvy, keeping updated with knowledge, etc. One should also know how to be a good leader and manage a team. Along with that, being a team player is equally important.

Practical Exposure

It is a practical field, and having practical knowledge is extremely important. One should do internships during and after graduation so they know their area of interest and their forte. Everybody reads and writes theory, but knowing how to apply it in practical life is the real test.

Hard work

Hard work is the key to success, no matter what field one is in. In a field like engineering, where there is a lot of competition and fewer vacancies, there is no other way to get to the top other than hard work, combined with smart work.

Some B.Tech holders are not able to get jobs because:

  • It might not be their area of interest, and they were pushed into the field: Many of the people who do engineering do not do it by themselves. It was either forced upon them by their parents or by their teachers. Due to this, they are uninterested in the field, which leaves them to perform poorly in their jobs.
  • They take their job lightly: When too many people are doing the same job, people tend to take the jobs lightly. They don’t understand the effect it might have on the company. It will eventually come to light, and one might actually lose their job because of this.
  • They don’t work hard enough: when engineering students do something that they don’t really want to do, to don’t work hard enough in it. due to which, when is at the risk of losing their job or getting fired. Hard work and consistency are two very important elements in any job profile.
  • They don’t keep themselves updated: when engineering students are unaware of the recent market trends, it can serve as a backlog in their career as it is a very important aspect. Knowing what the market wants and favors currently is extremely essential and, therefore one should always be updated.
  • They are unaware of their forte or their area of interest: People might not have the motivation to work because they are unaware of what they actually like to do in their particular job. Not being aware of one’s area of interest and their forte is not a good thing.
  • They don’t have proper guidance: Not having the proper career guidance in any aspect of life can lead to bad career decisions that one might regret for the rest of their lives. Therefore, having career guidance not only after school or graduation but also during the job is essential.

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