How to Become a Social Media Manager

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A social media manager employs best practices to not only build a brand’s presence online but also strengthen it.

In simpler words, social media managers are someone in an organization entrusted with managing, filtering, and evaluating a product’s, brand, company’s, or even an individual’s social media presence.

Previously known as “community manager,” the term has now been replaced with “digital and social media manager.”

With everything being online, companies are now recognizing the roles and significance of social media managers.

The position is in demand and almost all brands and organizations looking to grow are hiring a social media manager.

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Roles and responsibilities of a social media manager:

When one is thinking of going into this career, one should be well aware of the fact that it requires multi-tasking which would involve juggling between various jobs.

Their job is basically to convert customers into loyal customers. They are also known as the “voice of the company.”

  • The role of a social media manager can range from content writing and content strategy to outreach and public relations.
  • Building and strengthening a company’s online presence by employing various strategies.
  • Managing social media accounts and acting as a channel owner
  • They have a role to play in creative aspects too
  • Weekly and monthly reports on how a brand is doing online.
  • Social listening also involves keyword planning.
  • Curating content

There is a lot of data analysis, planning, and strategizing that goes into it. A good social media manager constantly has to keep up with the trends to be at the top of the ladder. It is not an easy job, but with experience and good communication skills, one can go a long way.

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Become a social media manager

Here we have provided you with some step which is helpful to becoming a successful social media manager.

  • Get a degree: in this world of increasing competition, having a degree is important. Since the job of a social media manager requires one to have good communication skills, one can consider doing a bachelor’s in journalism, marketing, communication, etc. Going to college also helps one to make connections that can come in handy in the future.
  • Consider doing an internship or entry-level job: it helps one build experience and understand how is the job of a social media manager going to look like and what will be the roles and responsibilities. One can consider internships in the fields of digital marketing, content writing, etc.
  • Getting started: Once one feels that they are aware of the job and the responsibilities, they can go out there and apply to various companies and organizations. There are tons of jobs in companies that also pay very well.

Some of the skills required for becoming a social media manager are writing, research, having knowledge of SEO, social media expertise, having an eye for details, creativity, and on-spot thinking.

Social media managers can earn up to Rs. 6-9 lakhs a year.


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