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SEO Internship Guide – Complete Information

May 8, 2022


SEO Intern Job description 

SEO interns have to work in various areas such as on page SEO, Technical SEO and off page SEO. SEO interns hold multiple responsibilities for example improving websites quality and content so that a client’s website could achieve high ranking on Search Engine. They need to focus on keyword research, try to not avoid repetition of content and create links so users can proceed to the website. SEO internship works on websites appearance, user traffic, conversion rate along with using their knowledge to rank higher than their competitors on search Engine.

SEO Intern Responsibilities (SEO intern role in organization)

  • Optimization of existing websites
  • Competitive research and ground-breaking
  • Keyword research and Mapping
  • On-page and off-page optimization
  • Link building outreach
  • Keep track of ranking of client’s websites and users traffic  

SEO Internship Requirements (SEO intern Qualification and skills)

  • Master’s Degree in marketing 
  • Internship from recognized/ reputed company
  • Resourceful at optimizing websites content
  • Previous experience in a company

What does an SEO intern do?

SEO intern work under an SEO manager they need to assist the SEO manager. They are responsible for research, implementation, monitoring websites ranking growth on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and making changes to websites according to their ranking data.


SEO intern Career growth \ future prospect for SEO Intern


  • Search Engine Marketer
  • Marketing analyst
  • Business marketing consultant
  • Digital marketer
  • Content Marketer
  • SEO manager
  • Entrepreneur


SEO intern working schedule


  • SEO intern could work on house or work from home
  • SEO intern could work on many project together


What are the benefits of becoming an SEO intern?

  • SEO Interns could work remotely
  • You will learn how google works
  • You Get Internship Certificate that helps in placements
  • Gaining Practical knowlege about backlinking, content creation
  • You Got stipend and learning both same time

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What skills you need to be SEO internship

  • should know basics of marketing
  • SEO intern should be good at content Writing so they could generate quality content 
  • Strong Copywriting skills 
  • Passion for learning SEO
  • He or she should have problem solver Mindset
  • Content optimization skills
  • Able to communicate proactively with team members
  • Time Management Skills 
  • Excellent analytical skills

Recommendations to SEO internship to learn more

  • SEO intern should learn fundamentals
  • learn about SEO tools
  • Develop a portfolio of projects to showcase their SEO work
  • Work for company project 
  • Create their own website to develop their SEO skills
  • Work on their technical and programming skills
  • Widen their LinkedIn Network to endorse their skills
  • Learn about customer Mind-set and attitudes, Behavior
  • Understand there is much more to explore. They are still novice in the field, they should work hard to become experts at SEO.

Difference between SEO Internship and JOB


Measures         SEO internship                   JOB
Knowledge In SEO Internship Candidates gain knowledge about optimization for search engine. In Job Candidates have already done any course or internship so they are aware of the industry. They work under an SEO Manager
Experience In SEO Internship learners will get real-time projects under the guidance of professionals. In Job individuals could work at the executive level and later learn new things about Industry.
Benefits In the SEO Internship, learners can get an offer letter if he or they will be offered a permanent position in an organization if seniors are satisfied with their work. SEO jobs allow individuals to be creative and provide variety and knowledge of various areas.
    Salary In SEO internship pay scale is very low but one can learn a lot from experienced individuals and they could get certificates. SEO job individuals could earn an attractive salary if they are hired by a reputable company otherwise the salary is better than an internship.
Working Duration and location In SEO internship working hours could be dependent on location, and company policy such as whether they want to intern or work from home. Working duration also varies from company to company. In Job working hours are fixed or vary according to company policy and location choice is also dependent on company’s remote or on house.


What are not included in SEO responsibility

SEO internship includes roles and responsibilities of getting traffic by organic search, Includes backlinking, content creation, publishing content on websites, PR Management but running ppc ads, paid marketing like Facebook ads and other ads is not their primary responsibilities of SEO interns.

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