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YouTube is one of the best way to learn digital marketing course and lead generation without any cost.

Over the years, YouTube has helped more students to learn skills in digital marketing and web development. Hence,

It has revolutionized how we used to study and provided us with a better alternative of learning digital marketing courses than paying digital marketing fee

Because digital marketing courses are so pricey, not everyone can afford to attend premium institutes to study them.

For those who fit this description, YouTube may be a tremendous blessing and an excellent resource for learning digital marketing for free.

Youtube Channels help you to learn digital marketing step by step

They teach everything from scratch, every aspect of digital marketing, including SEO strategy 2022, high-quality leads strategy, social media strategy, networking tips, marketing, and business growth.

You may trust that the knowledge you’re receiving is of the highest quality because many well-known digital marketing youtube videos are hosted and instructed by authorities in the sector.

Many youtube channels are available that provide helpful advice and methods for getting knowledge about digital marketing and promoting your business.

Some of the top digital marketing Youtube channels in 2022 are listed below.

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5 YouTube Channels Providing Digital Marketing Training

1. Garyvee by Gary Vaynerchuk

He is the founder of Vaynermedia, which is a digital agency. His YouTube channel features entertaining marketing rants and instructional films about the subject.

He also asks for feedback from the public on potential video topics. It is the best YouTube channel for learning digital marketing with youtube for free.

Channel Name: GaryVee

2. Ahrefs

It is hosted by digital strategist Sam Oh. Their SEO-focused YouTube video content offers users in-depth how-to guides, and solutions to frequently asked SEO questions.

He also offers numerous tutorials on how to use their software for various tasks, such as stealing backlinks from rival websites and coming up with keyword ideas through keyword research.

It is the best YouTube channel to learn about seo, backlinking

Channel Name: Ahrefs

3. Moz

It places its focus on search engine optimization and inbound marketing. You can learn a lot from it to increase your understanding of search engine optimization.

The best online marketing community, according to some. It is one of the best youtube channels for learning SEO.

Channel Name: Moz

4. Neil Patel

In a simple manner, he imparts his knowledge on marketing techniques, SEO, growing your blog’s audience, etc. He also works with Amazon, NBC, GM, and HP to grow their revenue.

It is the best YouTube channel for learning about how to engage your audience in the best way. overall digital marketing learning youtube channel, it is

Channel Name: Neil Patel

5. Unbounce

Receive fresh instructional videos about A/B testing, landing pages, conversion rate optimization, and other marketing-related topics. Watch playlists on the creation of landing pages and persuasive copywriting.

It is the best YouTube channel, and special attention should be paid to what marketers have to say about what you ought to know.

Channel Name: Unbounce

Key Takeaway:-

Trust us, they are top-notch! Check them out yourself and get yourself educated in digital marketing, which is a growing field.

By continuing to learn, we stay competitive in our sector and remain responsible for ourselves.

There is no better time to learn than right now in 2022. Make sure to research, but also use what you discover in your strategy if you’re a digital marketer.

These Youtube channels for digital marketing are a fantastic place to start if you want to stand out in your industry and draw in more clients.

What is the wait for then? Go get started right away!!!

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