What Is 301 Redirect And Its Role As SEO Redirect

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In the easiest of “complex definitions”, a 301 redirect is a simple redirect from one URL to the other.

As an example, if your prior internet site was www.example.com and you needed to redirect it to www.oneexamle.com, you’d apply a 301 redirect from the previous URL to the new one.

Whoever enters your previous URL will see the new URL in the address bar immediately.

A 301 redirect is frequently referred to as a “changing in address form”. If someone directly writes the previous address of the desired web page, then automatically transferred to the new URL with the same page content.

This all gets possible with the help of a 301 redirect.

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Role Of SEO Redirect

Server-side 301 redirects are redirection procedures used by web servers to convey to bots and servers that the actual address of the webpage has been moved to another place and then tells the bots and servers to locate the website.

Wherever the 301 redirect activates, it is aware of Google about the new location of the website.

Suppose you are doing SEO of a URL for the last three months and made many backlinks on different web servers.

If you made changes in the URL, then all the work that you have done on the same URL will go waste because now the URL which you have placed on different websites will point towards a non-existing webpage.

It will happen due to the difference between the previous and altered URL. To solve this issue, you would have to put a 301 redirect pointing towards a new URL from the old URL.

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